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# Saturday, August 14, 2004
Sarcasm Chicken

Does anyone else play the game of “sarcasm chicken“? It goes something like this:

Alice: Well, user's are still opening virus attachments.

Bob: Let's install better anti-virus software on all client machines.
Alice: Well, still, it's not enough. Maybe all attachments need to scanned at the server first.

Bob: Hmm, maybe we should have virus-scanning at the ethernet layer, you know, stop it before it gets into the computer, right at the switch.

Alice: Yea, even better, we could also have a heuristical scanner inside the TCP/IP stack.

Bob: Well, true, but attachments also have to be saved. So maybe the file system could make all new data written unaccessible to the user until an admin approves it or until it's virus scanned.

Alice: Could be, but if the OS gets attacked... what about having it at the disk level? That way we'd have hardware support, and that's a lot harder to hack.

Bob: Hardware support? That's a good idea, but we'd have to buy new hardware.

Alice: Hmm, maybe we can patch the BIOS to.... <g>

Bob: <g>... I was gonna ask if you were serious...

Has this ever happened to you? It starts as a joke, and you keep it up a bit, and then you start to think the other person might actually be serious and well... This is a good outcome. It's no fun if you have to explain your “joke“, esp. on a public DL.

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Monday, August 23, 2004 1:16:03 AM UTC
Reading this just made me realize how often I've engaged in this. You're right, this happens a lot more than we probably realize
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